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Fundraising with Spring Planting Flower Bulbs & Seeds

Vesey's Fundraising Program has been serving thousands of groups across Canada for the past 39 seasons. Considered Canada's GREEN Fundraiser, this program features the sale of bulbs, plants and seeds. Every group that participates earns 50% of everything they sell. Vesey's covers all additional costs including freight and we're pleased to provide free delivery bags for each of your customers.

There is NO Risk to any group that participates since all the promotional material you need is absolutely free. Plus, you don't send your payment until after all your sales have been made. Nothing could be simpler and your customers will love this alternative to the outdated fundraising programs that offer chocolates, pies and pizza kits.

Follow the steps below to start your fundraiser with Veseys Seeds and Bulbs.

The Veseys Information Kit contains all the information you will need to learn about our simple program. This Kit even includes a form to use when ordering all your free fundraising supplies.

Please note: The Spring Fundraising program runs from November 1st, 2017 until the order deadline May 1st, 2018

Any customers requesting an information kit after April 1st will receive the Fall 2018 information kit when it is available later in the year. The Spring fundraising information will remain on our web site until the Fall program is available.

Order Kit

If you're already familiar with our program and want to get started immediately, click the Order Free Supplies Here button below or call 1-800-363-7333. We'll send out everything you need today!

Order Supplies
Now that you have your sales tools for every member in your group you are ready to fund raise. Please read carefully the information enclosed in the chair persons checklist that has been sent with the sales tools in order to enjoy an easy hassle-free fundraiser.

Click here to place your group's total fundraising order online for the Spring 2018 Fundraising Program. No individual customer orders please. Payment by Visa or MasterCard.

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Additional Information

View or download our 1 page document outlining the duties and responsibilities for your fundraising project Chairperson.

View or download a sample of the Master Order Form that the Chairperson will use when finalizing their order after your sales campaign is complete.

View or download our beautiful 16 page colour brochure that shows the pictures, descriptions and prices of all the items contained in our Fundraising Program.

View or download our 4 page brochure summarizing our many years of experience in helping groups across Canada execute a successful Fundraising Project.

View or download a sample of the order form your salespeople will be using during the campaign.